The Student Is Campus Advantage's Number One Goal

The Campus Advantage: Advantage

Providing students with the facilities and resources they need to succeed personally, academically, and socially is the number one goal of Campus Advantage. We assess the needs and interests of our diverse student populations and implement a customized program for each community. What does that mean for you? Peace of mind.

Students First®

Since 2003, Campus Advantage has provided an innovative residence life program that is intentionally designed to promote student success and development. Our highly trained residence life professionals and student leaders provide strategically implemented social, educational, and developmental activities and events to enhance student success and satisfaction. Campus Advantage communities connect students to one another, to their institution, and to their own potential.

Campus Advantage Provides An Innovative Program Called Students First Experience
Our Experienced Team Members Have Dedicated Their Careers To Quality Student Housing

Experienced Team Members

Our core team has dedicated their entire careers to quality student housing. We know what it takes to provide an exceptional experience for our residents, so we hire the best. At our communities, we’re available 24/7 for any emergencies and provide interactive solutions that make paying rent, submitting maintenance requests, or just meeting new neighbors as easy as a click away.

Your Lease

Another reason Campus Advantage is the company of choice for student housing is based on our individual lease. Gone are the days of worrying whether a roommate will pay their rent; our leases are set per person. That means extra peace of mind for you and more focus on school for your student.

Campus Advantage and individual lease structure
Campus Advantage provides a 360-degree approach to making life easier for you and your student

360-Degree Service

From roommate-matching services to cutting-edge technology packages to custom-designed furniture, Campus Advantage provides a 360-degree approach to providing you with peace of mind. Our experienced staff members carefully help match students to potential roommates through personal profile cards. Matching roommates is something we consider a very important aspect to a student’s happiness. Likewise, the technology and furniture packages are equally important to ensuring all of the elements are in place to provide you and your student with an atmosphere conducive to their success in school.

RentTrack Program

Better credit sure makes adulting a whole lot easier when it comes to big financial decisions your student will be making down the road — buying a car or a house, or even starting a business. So why not start preparing now for the future? Part of our Students First® Experience commitment is to provide ways to enhance student success. One of those ways is RentTrack, a program we offer that not only protects your student’s credit, it also provides an opportunity to build credit history quickly.

RentTrack protects and builds student credit
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